A trainer in a kimono stands with his arms folded in the back in front of his students in a martial arts class

The Best Studios for Martial Arts Classes in Scottsdale

Did you know that in addition to improving your mental strength, martial arts classes can also boost your stamina and increase your flexibility? Learning a new martial art is also a great way to make friends and become more confident.

When you’re ready to learn some new moves, these studios have the best martial arts classes in Scottsdale:

Premier Martial Arts

At Premier, the mission is to support all students by helping them develop confidence, focus, and self-esteem through martial arts. The studio is the best school of its type in Arizona, and all ages and athletic abilities are welcome to join the fun. There are several programs to choose from including Brazilian jiu-jitsu which can improve strength and flexibility in just six weeks. The classes are taught by highly trained instructors, and there is also a focus on allowing everyone to progress at their own pace.

Mountain View Karate

Established in 1995, Mountain View Karate teaches the authentic taekwondo system dating back to the eighteenth century. Master Nick Koclanis holds a fifth-degree black belt, and he began studying martial arts in 1972 under a Korean grandmaster. The studio offers a casual atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable working out. Classes are offered five days a week.

Valley Martial Arts Academy 

Valley Martial Arts is where the curriculum is well balanced in Kempo karate as its base combined with elements of judo, kung fu, aikido, and modern self-defense methods. Sensei Daniel Goldfarb started practicing martial arts as a kid. He is now a certified black belt with more than eighteen years of experience. He also has a Master’s in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and holds classes in a fun, engaging environment. Adults can train three days a week and will learn skills such as grappling and felling.

In addition to these martial arts classes in Scottsdale, The Core Apartments are also near enticing restaurants and fabulous outdoor destinations. To call our community home, please contact us to schedule a showing where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.

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